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July 18, 2016

Can Hurst course help you pass the NCLEX? Official Review

Review of Hurst NCLEX class

Full Report of Hurst Review Course



What makes Hurst so effective:




Listed below the main features that make Hurst review effective and popular


  • Simplifies & organizes hard nursing content and makes it easy to understand
  • More affordable compare to competitors.
  • Repeat or 100% Refund.
  • 3 Review options.
    • 3 day live-class review
    • 5 day live-online review
    • 90 days online review


Additional Helpful Features


  • Interactive lectures
  • Nursing content FAQ
  • Handbook
  • Nurse coach support
  • Additional resources and study materials.
  • 725 test questions with easy-to-understand rationales


Simplified & Organized Content


Hurst extracts the must-know content from nursing school and condenses it into an easy-to-understand format. Hurst translates complicated terms into simple language that helps you recall the information more efficiently. When the material is written in a way that makes sense to you, it becomes easier to apply in various situations.


Each review topic also includes a basic anatomy & physiology review. Anatomy and physiology are crucial to understanding illness and disease. If you understand how the body is supposed to function, then abnormal conditions will easily become apparent.


Hurst’s review sorts and delivers content in a logical and memorable pattern that enhances learning.

For example: lectures are broken into categories based on body systems-It is easier to retain information when sorted by similarities. And in this case, sorting according to body systems.



Simple & organized library by Hurst review course

Simple & organized library



Interactive lectures


Course lectures are designed to be as interactive as possible. No more monotone instructors reading PowerPoint slides of the screen!

Hurst instructors deliver the content in a conversation-type style, which helps promote class participation and enhance your critical thinking skills.


Instructors also keep the lectures interactive by using non-verbal techniques as such simplification repetition; reinforcement and pausing to allow you time to answer questions.


Interactive lectures by Hurst NCLEX review

Interactive lectures


Simplified lectures by Hurst review

Easy-to-understand lectures





Follow & Fill the blank.


When you sign up, Hurst will provide a workbook that will be used throughout the lectures as a guide. Hurst will follow the guidebook and expect you to follow & fill in the blank information.


This strategy is extremely useful for promoting student participation, thus help retain information.


Hurst's handout book

Fill-in-the-blank workbook



Content FAQ


Following each topic, Hurst supplies a frequently asked questions section. This section helps clear up any discrepancies you may still have regarding the information before moving to the next topic. This is extremely helpful to clarify immediate questions


Content FAQ

FAQ for every lecture



Nurse coach support


Can’t find your answer?

Ask a question!


If you have any questions or need further clarification, you can submit questions and receive support from an RN instructor. Responses are timely (within 24 hours) and occur via e-mail


Ask a question

Ask Hurst’s nurses any question



Additional resources and study materials.



Hurst provides additional resources and documents that cover important content. The information provided is simple, clean, and lays out exactly what you need to know as a brand new nurse.


Hurst resource page

Hurst resource page


Including easy-to-understand pharmacology resources, available in PDF for download & print


Pharm resources sample

Easy pharm study handouts


Practice Tests & Questions.


Hurst provides 6 tests, each with 125 NCLEX-style questions, total of 725 questions. All tests are graded instantaneously and provide concise rationales for each answer, explaining why each choice is either right or wrong.


Upon completing a test, Hurst will analyze your individual results and generate a report that will point out your strongest and weakest areas. This report can be used to help find the areas you need to focus on in order to improve your testing scores.

Practice question sample

Practice questions & rationales


Prices & Payment Plans


While similar NCLEX review courses (such as Kaplan review) cost around $500, Hurst’s NCLEX review course ranges only at $325-$425


And if the price is still a bit too much to swing at one time (because let’s get real, nursing school wasn’t cheap!), Hurst’s live review courses have payment plans available



Repeat or 100% Refund.


Hurst is confident in their program and will provide you with three options to ease your mind.


If you are not successful with the NCLEX on your first attempt, Hurst will offer:


  1. 45-day remediation course, which provides access to Hurst’s online lectures, a study plan, weekly contact with a nurse educator to monitor your progress, and an intense critical thinking module.


  1. 100% refund on your course expense (Must be first NCLEX trial, and within 3 month of nursing school graduation)


  • Free Course Repeat is available when review is paid in full, you can attend a repeat live review at no extra cost (within 9 month).






Review Options


Hurst offers three review options to accommodate your busy schedule—a live class (offline), online access, and a live stream online


Live Class

The Hurst live class is a 3-day course that delivers core content in a classroom setting. Sessions are about 8 hours long, with breaks throughout the day. Hurst offers live-classes nationwide.


Cost: $425



  • 3-day, intense core content review
  • Free 14-day access to online content
  • Free review guidebook
  • 9 month access to NCLEX style test questions, special topics, and additional resources
  • 100% Money back guarantee or attend unlimited Live Review events within 9 months of your first review.
  • Includes 750 NCLEX style questions, with instant results, answer rationales, and a generated report and analysis


Who Should Consider the Live Class?

  • Those who completed nursing school 1-6 months ago
  • Those who can dedicate 3 days of their schedule
  • Those who excel best in a classroom-type setting




Online Class

The online Hurst course gives you access to (recorded) content for a full 90 days. The course delivers the same content as the live-class, but allows you to review the content when it is convenient for you.


Cost: $325



  • 90-day access to core content
  • Self-paced
  • Allows you to review content over and over again, until comfortable with the topic
  • Free review guidebook
  • 9-month access to NCLEX style test questions, special topics, and additional resources
  • High-quality video and sound with easy bar navigation


Who Should Consider the Online Class?

  • Those who graduated 6 months ago or more and may require additional time studying the material
  • Those who have strict schedules, work full-time, have little time available, or prefer a self-paced study option
  • Those who prefer studying independently




Hurst N-Stream

The Hurst N-Stream is a 5-day online live stream course (like a webinar) that delivers core content right from your own home!

Cost: $425



  • 5 days, 4 hour daily, intense core content review
  • Online streaming (webinar-like setting)
  • Receive free 7-day access to online content
  • 9 month access to NCLEX style test questions, special topics, and additional resources
  • 100% Money back guarantee or 45-Day intense remediation program
  • Includes 750 NCLEX style questions, with instant results, answer rationales, and a generated report and analysis





Who Should Consider the Online Class?

  • Those who can’t access Hurst live class
  • Those who have strict schedules, work full-time, or limited little time available.
  • Those who prefer guided studying, with the comfort of studying from home






Through Hurst’s strategies, they help reinforce previously learned nursing content, which helps enhance your memory recall on specific topics. This review course will NOT merely repeat what you learned in nursing classes- It will break down, simplify nursing science and will drill it so well, you’ll feel much confident when taking the NCLEX exam. Taking this review course will not only prepare well for the NCLEX, it will also help you become better prepared for the real world, and a better nurse.


With high passing rates, positive praise from nursing students, and a practical course at a reasonable price, Hurst looks like the smarter choice.


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