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October 17, 2016
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March 20, 2017

Hack: How to get Kaplan’s Famous Qbank for only $59.

How to get Kaplan’s Famous Qbank for $59 only.



Kaplan’s Qbank.


Kaplan is known for its extensive realistic Question bank

Many people report Kaplan’s Qbank to be the closest stimulator to the NCLEX test.

The Qbank is an extensive question bank composed of 1600 realistic NCLEX-style questions and includes a variety of different difficulty levels and nursing topics.

Kaplan’s Qbank is found to be useful to many students who need to utilize practice questions.





Unfortunately, Kaplan trying to package the Qbank together with the (less favorite) Decision-tree and video library, and sell it for the price of $500!

As expensive as it sounds, some people still sign up with Kaplan to use their Qbank.

But what people don’t know is that Kaplan offers same questions for fraction of the price.

But they do not advertise it as much. Why not? Simply because it is less profitable.



Monthly Qbank


Through Kaplan’s website, the Qbank is available for a monthly access that starts at $59/month.

While Kaplan’s course bundles available for 3 months only, the Qbank is available 1-12 month.


Qbank price

1 Month-$59

2 Months-$89

3 Months-$109

6 Months-$149

12 Months-$199



Content ebook


An Additional 500+ page eBook is available for an additional $20/month.

the eBook covering frequently-tested content on NCLEX




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